It shouldn’t be this hard. Being a woman shouldn’t be this hard. Aging shouldn’t be this hard. Getting through the day to day tasks, expectations, duties, chores, must-dos, and want-to-dos, shouldn’t be this hard. Feeling well shouldn’t be this hard. Finding time, money, and energy shouldn’t be this hard. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be this hard. Except, it is.

Those years in a woman’s life during peri-menopause, menopause, and beyond are so full of change. Changing hormones, changing metabolism, changing goals, changing family circumstances, changing physicality, changing finances, changing focus. Whether you are are in the beginning phases of peri-menopause, well into or past menopause, dealing with kids leaving home (or moving back in), modifying your relationship status status, re-defining your career, contemplating retiring, or already retired and anticipating what you want to do next, you have first-hand knowledge of how hard these changes can be.

What if it didn’t have to be this hard? What if there was a way to get to a place where life seemed manageable? The truth is, it is not as hard to achieve as we think. But, there is never a one system answer. Losing weight won’t suddenly make everything else in our lives fall into place. Meditation won’t turn everything rosy. Being financially secure won’t automatically produce happiness. While all of these are good on their own, we need to focus on the whole, mind-body-soul. One sphere cannot function without the others. Any area that is out of alignment can topple the whole, or at least cause it to wobble, making it more likely that the smallest stroke will wipe us out completely.

And in fact, focusing on weight, meditation, or money is not where we need to concentrate our efforts. These are merely means to, tools, or end results. I can help you put it all together. We will find the areas of your life that are working and the areas that need a little boost. Together, we can come up with a design to ease your way. Through an integrative medicine approach to you as a whole woman, we can sketch a path to the life you want to live.